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Safe Coping
Episode 37th July 2021 • Sisters Saving Sisters Podcast - Conversations that Heal • Nicole Robinson
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In this episode, Dr. Nicole Robinson and her cohost, trauma therapist Simone Kilgore, talk about some safe coping when you’re suffering in silence. You got to figure out how you get through the suffering. Most people cope. But not all coping is safe. We have to change our mindset about how we cope. Coping plays an important role in a time of crisis. It is temporary. We cope to quiet the emotions that are rising. But pretty soon we have to address them. We have to deal with them, process them, and develop a self-care plan to take care of ourselves.

Episode highlights

02:16 – There is a specific difference between self-care and safe coping.

05:00 – Coping allows us to deal with difficulties in the short term, while self-care is something that we maintain over a long term, or life span when we integrate new behaviors, new habits, things that help us to feel better.

12:45 – To avoid unhealthy coping practices develop a self-care plan – now. You do not have to wait till you have a diagnosis or a traumatic event. Build a reserve, now.

14:16 – It is very important that you value yourself. You cannot value yourself and not take care of yourself.

17:15 - Create positive addictions. Be positively addicted to taking care of yourself. Because you are worthy.

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