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Behind The Membership with Callie Willows - The Membership Guys EPISODE 3, 31st August 2017
Thinking Outside the Box with Avalon Yarnes
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Thinking Outside the Box with Avalon Yarnes

Avalon Yarnes from Avalon Cakes School joins Callie on this episode of Behind the Membership.

What makes Avalon and her membership so different is just how creative she is, not just with her topic but in both her marketing and her retention tactics as well.

Avalon has been running her membership for nearly 2 years now and we discuss some great topics, including:

  • How Avalon walked away from her job of 10 years to start the membership site with her partner
  • How she thought outside the box about what competitors were doing, and turned it into a great retention hook
  • Getting creative with video trailers and free tutorials to attract new members
  • The challenge of balancing life and business and wearing all the hats
  • Why choosing a Facebook group for her community was the right decision
  • The most fulfilling part of running Avalon Cakes School and the impact having a membership has had on her life and business
  • Why she wouldn't offer two tiers of membership if she was starting over
  • and more!