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Chapter 69. You may never get the 'real' answer to your question Jacob...
Episode 6923rd August 2021 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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A little bit of a departure this week, as it's a bit of a themed episode.

For those that support the show on Patreon (or 'purples' as they have become known) Ant & I produce an extra couple of pieces of content every month. The Odds n'Sodcast, which contains excerpts of unpublished diary as well as other peeks behind the curtain and the Guest Book Q&A which is where I answer those questions that have been left for me on the Guest Book page at

As we have had a plethora of questions in recently, Ant thought it would be good to have a crack at answering a few in an episode proper - but with the addition of a Monday night soda.

So thanks to Jacob Dale, Amber Harrison, David A. Litterick, Justin Beaney, Cleopatra Headland, Gabriela Brozio & Reece Page for providing the questions and the inspiration for the Crooncast.



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