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Season 2 Episode 1 : Trends Advisors to Pay Attention to in 2023
Episode 111th January 2023 • Allies of the Industry • Emlen Miles-Mattingly & Dasarte Dasarte Yarnway
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As we navigate to the year 2023, the economic environment is still volatile. Now, how can a financial advisor present themselves to a new set of challenges to still accommodate and attract new clients?

In this episode, we’ll get into trends and what we think will happen for this year. We will share knowledge of what things you need to pay attention to this year as you navigate in scaling up your business and serve your clients the best services. 

We don’t have the control of what will happen but at least we are ready for it.  Listen now!


>> Web Technology for advisors

>> Behavioral finance

>> Leading with empathy

>> Inflation on 2023

>> Growth marketing

>> Client service and client community support

In case you missed it, listen to this episode with Emlen Miles-Mattingly and Dasarte Yarnway - 7 Things to go Independent with Confidence

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Allies of the Industry Podcast is a place where we hear voices of underrepresented financial advisors on how they were able to start, scale, & sustain their practice. We have curated interviews from the best in the industry to share their thoughts, experiences and advice on working to promote diversity, equity, inclusivity and belonging in the financial services industry. 

Through this podcast, let’s push towards an inclusive future with more opportunities and open doors for all minorities!


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