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Does It Matter If Our Kids Stay Catholic?
Episode 1416th May 2024 • Intentionally Catholic • Dan Hansen & Fr. Ron Hutchinson
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In this episode of Intentionally Catholic, hosts Dan Hansen and Father Ron Hutchinson delve into the question of whether it really matters if our Catholic kids stay Catholic. The conversation explores the perceived value of the Catholic faith among its members, with particular attention to the belief in the real presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist and the broader implications of such beliefs for evangelization efforts.

Father Hutchinson emphasizes the importance of understanding and communicating the unique aspects of the Catholic faith, including the significance of the sacraments and the Church's teachings on salvation. The episode also touches on the challenges of communicating this value to both kids and Protestants, pointing to a broader conversation on unity among Christians and the potential benefits of engaging deeply with one’s faith.


00:00 Welcome to Intentionally Catholic: Living the Faith with Joy

00:16 The Importance of Staying Catholic: A Deep Dive

01:43 Understanding the Eucharist and Catholic Identity

03:16 The Challenge of Evangelizing Within the Family

09:13 Exploring the Controversial 'No Salvation Outside the Church'

19:15 The Journey to Understanding and Embracing Catholic Truths

28:14 A Personal Story: The Impact of Faith and Baptism

37:47 Navigating Faith with Family: Strategies and Reflections




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