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Ethical Soul Business with Shivany Gonell
Episode 4111th October 2020 • The Ethical Evolution Podcast • Ethical Change Agency
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My next guest and I were certainly destined to meet on some level and the moment we did, my natural curiosity wanted to know more about how to tap into akashic records.

Shivany Gonell is an Intuitive Biz Mystic who helps you align your business with your soul through reading akashic records, along with a number of other modalities. After healing herself of cervical cancer in her early twenties, Shivany went on to conquer the quest of find out who she really was through Psychotherapy, Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Breath Work, Energetic Medicine, Counseling, Soul Profit Business Coaching, Law of Attraction, Pilates, BAUD Technology and Akashic Records.

I went on to have a soul profile reading with Shivany which proved to be spot on and absolutely fascinating. I hope you enjoy learning about what you need to know about your soul in this episode as much as I did. 

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