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Dr. Mitch Clionsky: Dementia Prevention - Using Your Head to Save Your Brain
Episode 92nd May 2024 • Confessions of an Aging Ingenue • Jenni Tooley
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Hello, amazing listener! I’m excited to have you join me on another episode of "Confessions of an Aging Ingénue"! I'm your host, Jenni Tooley.

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Today, we're shifting gears a bit from our usual discussions to tackle a topic that hits close to home for many: dementia prevention.

Joining me, as a guest on today’s episode, is the highly esteemed Dr. Mitch Clionsky, a seasoned neuropsychologist with over four decades of experience! Dr. Clionsky is here to shed light on the importance of cognitive health and some insights from his groundbreaking book, "Dementia Prevention: Using Your Head to Save Your Brain," co-authored with his brilliant wife, Emily. This is one concise yet insightful episode that you do not want to miss.

In this episode;

  • Dr. Clionsky shares insights into his extensive experience evaluating cognitive functions and discusses his mission to empower individuals to reduce their risk of developing dementia. [02:12]
  • He shares highlights from his groundbreaking book, "Dementia Prevention: Using Your Head to Save Your Brain," which provides actionable strategies based on scientific research. [04:36]
  • Together, we explored the importance of adopting a holistic approach to health and wellness and the significance of sustainable lifestyle changes. [09:31]
  • Dr. Clionsky dismantles common misconceptions about quick-fix solutions and highlights the value of gradual, sustainable changes in behavior. He also shares practical tips for initiating lifestyle changes, the concept of "baby steps" and the importance of setting realistic goals. [12:09]
  • And we discussed actionable steps for optimizing aging, especially the multifaceted nature of dementia. [29:57]

Whether you’re currently dealing with dementia or just curious about preserving your mental acuity, this episode offers valuable information to help you safeguard your cognitive well-being. It is specifically tailored for individuals who are interested in proactively maintaining their cognitive health, particularly in the face of aging and the potential risks of dementia.

So, sit back, relax, and prepare to be well-informed as we demystify dementia. Tune in!

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