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Podcast Domination Show - Luis Diaz EPISODE 98, 17th October 2019
How to 4x Your Network Month over Month with Ross Grant
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How to 4x Your Network Month over Month with Ross Grant

How can podcasting change your life? Do you really need to know everything before starting a podcast? Today, I will be sitting down with Ross Grant, a successful actor from Urmston, Manchester who obtained credits in multiple BAFTA-winning TV series, including the critically acclaimed 'Don't Take My Baby'. He is also an amazing podcaster and the creator of UK’s biggest social network for actors – Act on This – The TV Actor’s Network. We will be breaking down the opportunities that may be possible when you double down and create content as a podcaster. By the end of the show, you will be eager to get off your ass and start podcasting.


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In this episode

  • The benefits of starting with a free podcast
  • Biggest advantage of having a podcast (It’s not all about the money) 
  • Why you should keep a list of the guests that have been on your show
  • Could there be something more important than the gear?
  • The power of association of sonic/audio branding 


*Resources Mentioned in this Episode*

The Micro Script Rules by Bill Schley




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