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Trailer23rd October 2022 • The F Word at Work • Fertility Matters at Work
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Brought to you by Fertility Matters at Work CIC this conversation hopes to offer you an insight into the many challenges people face when trying to manage the day to do of working life, whilst trying to start or complete their family.

With 1 in 6 couples and 1 in 7 people dealing with fertility issues, the impact of fertility challenges is vast and the people who might be struggling are diverse.

At Fertility Matters at Work we strive to guide the workplace into better supporting people going through this, by ensuring all managers, HR and well-being leads understand the complexity of this issue.

We want to make sure people feel confident having these sensitive conversations with those going through this and that the people affected feel safe enough to disclose what is happening to them. Equally, by raising awareness internally with our range of live discussions and training we aim to achieve a cultural shift where fertility issues are recognised. We help colleagues feel able to support one another and collectively make the workplace a great place to be.

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