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23. How to Stop Being the Bottleneck of Your Business!
Episode 235th February 2024 • High Performance Real Estate Agent Podcast with Tina Beliveau • Tina Beliveau
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Welcome to Season Two of the High Performance Agent Podcast! I am so excited to be back and I'm bringing you a fresh new format - "Ask Tina". In this next batch of episodes, I'll be providing in-the-moment feedback, ideas, and suggestions to a select group of special guests who meet my High Performance Key Criteria: coachable, growth-minded, and willing to get vulnerable and candid for the benefit of themselves and our listeners!

This first episode features Laura Malec and we are talking through that perennial challenge that gets every high achiever down: being the bottleneck.

Does this sound familiar? You *know* that you need to delegate to grow your business (or even maintain it with more peace of mind). You think about doing it. You talk about doing it. You make plans to do it. And yet... you're stuck and wondering why you keep find yourself doing the same tasks you intended to delegate.

In this episode, I unpack some of the most common aspects of the bottleneck. We touch on mindset challenges (fears, concerns, overwhelm, mental clarity to name a few aspects) and skill/knowledge gaps (like hiring, training, documenting, etc).

I hope you love our new format as much as I do - I can't wait to share more of these conversations with you! My goal is to take the tactical foundation I laid out in our first ~22 episodes and expand on the thought processes and mindsets that will make it possible for you to actually implement the things I teach.

Here are links to the books I recommended in the episode:

The Perfectionist's Guide to Losing Control

Who Not How

As always, reach out to me on IG or join my FB group to continue the conversation!


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