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Surviving Breast Cancer With Music And A Positive Outlook With Summer Watson
Episode 17123rd February 2021 • WE Have Cancer • Lee Silverstein
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Summer Watson is a famed singer and breast cancer survivor

Summer Watson was at the top of the world. She’d signed a recording contract with Sony and was living her life to the fullest until a routine mammogram found Stage 4 breast cancer in 2004. Despite being given just weeks to live, Summer has allowed her love of music and a positive outlook to propel her forward and keep her alive.

Summer Watson biography

Summer Watson is a classical music superstar who just released her latest EP “Unveiled.” But after being diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer in 2014 and being given just weeks to live, things looked bleak. She’s leaned on her love of music as well as her bright and perky attitude to heal.

Table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • The attraction to music

Summer got into music at four years old, which all started with some music lessons and blossomed into something much bigger.

  • How did Summer’s parents react to her rising fame?

Summer explains how her parents’ and music teachers’ encouragement helped propel her to college for music and eventually to a massive recording contract with Sony.

  • Covering Sting

Being in a train accident in 2002 helped Summer realize the fragility of life. In the famed Abbey Road Studio to record her first album, a producer pointed out she should do a cover of Sting’s song, “Fragile.”

  • Breast cancer diagnosis

Summer was diagnosed with breast cancer after getting a routine mammogram in 2014. She talks a bit about the process and the initial diagnosis.

  • Surviving

Despite the initial breast cancer diagnosis giving Summer just a few weeks to live, she remains here to this day. But it wasn’t easy. Summer discusses how she had to spend time recovering, both physically and mentally, and some of the things she did along the way to get to this point now.

  • How her relationship with music changed

Having breast cancer naturally changed Summer. She began getting out of her comfort zone, jamming with bands and other musicians, and becoming a vocal coach. She’s now writing and recording her own music as she’s found more joy in singing.

  • Coping with COVID-19

Summer’s life experiences have helped her form a new life view. Lee and Summer talk about how that new view has helped her through the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Staying positive and becoming stronger

Summer shares her outlook on how mindfulness and not feeling sorry for herself have allowed her to live life to the fullest. Lee and Summer talk about how having a positive attitude and a purpose might have helped keep them alive.

  • Unveiled

Summer Watson’s latest EP is called “Unveiled” and as Lee points out, there’s a line in the chorus of the title song that says “when your heart is broken, the world is unveiled.” Summer talks about the meaning of that line and her philosophy to life.

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