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CPhI Podcast Series - Informa Markets EPISODE 16, 18th January 2021
Digitalisation of API Supply Chains
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Digitalisation of API Supply Chains

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector was adopting digital technology to save time, cut costs and increase efficiencies in the value chain.

Nevertheless, many digital investments were seen as experimental projects which would likely reap dividends in future years rather than the immediate present. It has taken a global pandemic to fundamentally change this outlook, as pharma firms renew their enthusiasm for digital solutions.

In this interview with Stefan Schmidinger, Partner at Kemiex and Florian Hildebrand, Managing Partner at Qualifyze, we discuss the vast array of challenges and opportunities around the ongoing digital transformation in pharmaceutical supply chains but also the effect a hugely traumatic 2020 had on the ingredients manufacturing sector’s perception of digitalisation and whether it has speeded up companies’ take up of new technologies.