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Celebrating 100 Years of Chamber of Commerce Influence with Betsy Gardner
Episode 1626th October 2022 • Performance Mindset • Amy Calandrino
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Today, Amy welcomes Betsy Gardner Eckbert to the Performance Mindset Podcast. Betsy has been the president and CEO of the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce since 2007. She’s been a pharmaceutical sales superstar, an executive at a UK-based consulting firm that mentors executive women, and she was also co-founder of a company that markets UV-protective swimwear for kids worldwide.

When Betsy took over for the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce, she was able to incorporate her previous experience as a sales professional and international entrepreneur. Within two years of her tenure, the chamber earned the national Most Innovative Chamber of Commerce Award, through many successful initiatives such as the relaunch program, which added more than 100 women back into the Central Florida workforce.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. Why Betsy Gardner Eckbert is so proud of her accomplishments for her hometown as Winter Park looks to the future and what she learned from her mom about the city.
  2. The rebranding and realignment that her chamber went through and how Betsy and her team remains innovative to stay relevant.
  3. How she retains a likable company culture and why it’s so important to have a culture of accountability.
  4. What leadership means to Betsy and the role stewardship plays in her leadership style.
  5. Her advice for entrepreneurs--particularly women--and why an abundance model is so important for leaders and entrepreneurs.
  6. Betsy Gardner Eckbert’s idea of success and how she applies it to her career and personal life.

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