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Expert tips on growing a successful online business on Etsy
Episode 3412th December 2020 • Success Inspired • Vit Müller
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My guest today is Nancy Badillo, she is an affiliate marketer and Expert on building profitable business on ETSY, an online marketplace for hand made products. 

She helps Etsy sellers build a thriving business and embrace the entrepreneurial adventure. She has overcame a lot of obstacles, hardships in her own journey becoming online marketer, and would love to share her entrepreneur story with all of you listeners today. 

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  • (00:00:26) - My guest today - introduction
  • (00:01:22) - Nancy's story of resilience - how she lost everything during 2009 market crash what she did to overcome all that.
  • (00:03:26) - Nancy's journey into online marketing
  • (00:08:50) - Fast forward to present, Nancy shares her success with Etsy
  • (00:29:08) - Nancy gives advice on how to get started and grow with Etsy
  • (00:42:19) - Nancy's special online course on Etsy
  • (00:48:17) - How does Nancy keep in shape to stay healthy

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