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Rebel and Be Well - Christa Rymal EPISODE 4, 12th March 2021
Health through Happiness with Dr. Corey Martin
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Health through Happiness with Dr. Corey Martin

Christa Rymal of The Point interviews Yale-trained family physician Corey Martin on dealing with, and staying resilient to, life's challenges. With years in patient care and as founder and creator of several programs and platforms committed to health through happiness, Corey teaches us a great deal about reconciling the polarity of caring for others and prioritizing your own wellbeing. It is not an either/or it's a both/and, and after listening today you will no longer brush past issues without addressing the impact they've had on you. 

Dr. Corey Martin's work has most been with the healthcare professional population, but his wisdom also offers a great deal of hope for educators and anyone else struggling with life-dissatisfaction. Corey's interview covers three pillars that contribute most to burnout, and provides listeners a fresh perspective on how we can mend our communities. We have a need for long-term change within our working systems (companies often overburdening their staff), but until greater change happens on the business operations front, we cannot forget that we need to take action now towards individuals; to throw some life preservers out to save people before there are more dire consequences in the future. To avoid an even worse up-tick in disastrous outcomes for our healing frontline workers and leaders, Corey discusses opportunities in the form of:

1) Taking care of ourselves

2) Taking care of each other (peers)

3) Taking care of our families

There is a great deal of hope provided in this interview, and you'll also feel the heavy reminder that we all have a need for self-compassion. Feel understood as you listen to Corey's own experiences with death and dying that most changed his approach to life. Lastly, beyond burnout and resilience, in this episode you will start understanding how to reconcile the desire to be perfect with the reality of needing to let go. 

Tune in to find the strength and support to rally, and the tools to sustain.

“'Good enough' is pretty damn good!” - Corey Martin, MD



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