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Rebirthing Yourself with Sil Read
Episode 47330th May 2024 • Plan Simple with Mia Moran • Mia Moran
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“I get to be the creatrix, the creator, of my own life and my own experience.”

–Sil Read

Being human is a hero’s journey. Are you ready for yours? I’m so excited for this conversation with my mentor Sil Read in this special birthday episode about stepping into the next part of your life.

What is it about midlife? Life is a constant cycle of death and rebirth, and midlife is more intense because you've got the time element. You realize it isn’t infinite. Other parts of your life may be changing.

For you to rebirth yourself — and you get to be the creatrix of your life — some part of you has to die. You can choose to slow down time and honor the transitions and the change.

We talk about: 

  • The power of retreats
  • Showing up with crone wisdom and beginner’s mind
  • Holding opposites
  • Stages of maiden, mother, crone, and being with the wisdom of the crone even if we aren’t there yet
  • Trusting the process and that a new life will welcome you outside of the chrysalis
  • What we can discover from symbols and archetypes


Sil Read is a mother, author, teacher, and a coach for women. She is proud to call herself an elder. Sil brings 40-years of experience working with women to her coaching and teaching: experience as a nurse practitioner, psychotherapist, and workshop leader. 

Sil graduated from Brown University where she majored in Women's Studies. She studied with the renowned Jungian author and analyst Marion Woodman for two decades and graduated from Woodman's BodySoul Rhythms training in dreamwork, archetypal psychology, and the art and science of listening to the wisdom of the body. Sil loves guiding women in reclaiming rejected parts of themselves, so that they can experience their wholeness and, therefore, a more conscious and authentically lived life.


  • Sil’s Site:

On the PlanSimple Podcast: 


At the end of every episode, we share three doable changes, so you can take what you've heard and put it into action. Action is where change happens. 

But here's the thing: when we have a goal, a wish, a desire bubbling up in us, it can feel really huge. Sometimes we stop ourselves in our tracks based on how huge our desire feels. Change needs action, but it doesn't need huge action. When we focus on the next step, the next Doable Change that we can integrate into our lives, we don’t get stuck and we create momentum. 

Choose one Doable Change that resonates with you today and really play with it. Fit it into your life, your days, make it work for you — then move on to your next Doable Change. 

Here are Three Doable Changes from this conversation: 

  • HOLD OPPOSITES. You can hold an inner or outer conflict quietly instead of trying to resolve it quickly. Start by asking yourself: What opposites am I holding today? Holding that conflict can help birth the new. Start with identifying your opposites and holding both.
  • SLOW DOWN. The secret to having the space to do what you want is to slow down. It can be super helpful for somebody else to hold and guide space for you in this process. Your doable change today could be saying yes to a retreat that’s been intriguing you. It could be blocking time to disconnect from your devices and spend time in nature.
  • ENGAGE WITH CRONE ENERGY. What can you learn from crones or elders? If you are in or entering that stage, can you tap more into the freedom of not carrying what others think? If you are not there or just entering, can you find a crone mentor or circle to learn from and support you in your change?





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