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Simplifying Marketing to Get Results with Marcus Murphy: Episode 7
Episode 717th March 2022 • The Marketing Plan Podcast • Sherry Bonelli
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In this episode, we interview sales and marketing expert, Marcus Murphy. Marcus has more than 10 years' experience in sales and marketing at several different companies. He is also an AMAZING public speaker. (If you’ve ever been to the largest marketing conference in North America, Traffic & Conversion Summit, you’ve likely seen Marcus up on stage. Sherry has been a speaker at T&C for three years and had the opportunity to meet up with Marcus at this year’s Traffic & Conversion Summit!)

Throughout his marketing career, Marcus has worked with some of THE biggest names in marketing – including world-renowned marketing expert Ryan Deiss at Digital Marketer.

In The Marketing Plan Podcast Episode 7: Simplifying Marketing to Get Results with Marcus Murphy, Marcus has outdone it! He gives you in-depth advertising advice on a variety of marketing strategies --things that will help you get into the minds of your customers AND help position your company, products and services through your messaging and various other marketing strategies.

Marcus and Sherry chat about how marketing should be simplified. According to Marcus, marketing has three main “constants”: First, the market itself. Your customer -- the avatar. Second, the message. And the third constant in marketing is where your customers are at and what media you should use to get your message in front of them. He then shares more details…

They also discuss customer avatars – and Marcus’s idea of “avatars” are not what you think! You need to understand personality traits and human behavior, so you can craft the perfect messages for your prospective customers. (If you miss this part, the avatars you’re currently creating have BIG AS$ gaps!)

When it comes to successful marketing strategies, great copywriting is SO important. Marcus discusses how important content and copywriting is to creating a great story that resonates with your prospects. Being able to write content that attracts your future customers is key – without that, you’re spinning your wheels.

You’ll also find out Marcus’s thoughts on B2B vs. B2C. This alone is worth a listen! (Hat tip to Ryan Deiss for this one!)

You’ll also discover why market research is SO important. To get that information about your customers, you need to be curious about your buyers. Marcus tells about the importance of speaking less and listening more – and even more strategies you can use today!

Additionally, as a member of the LinkedIn Advisory Board, he shares some great LinkedIn tips on how to build relationships on LinkedIn. You should humanize yourself and your interactions on LinkedIn – if you’re not doing that, you’re turning off the connections you're trying to make. Think it’s too late to get in on LinkedIn marketing and stake your claim? Find out what Marcus thinks on that topic. (You’ll be surprised!)

This episode is SO rich with marketing concepts and ideas, we go deep to the bottom of the ocean. Hope you enjoy!

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