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Building Resilience through Variability with John Sinclair
Episode 2012th April 2019 • This Thing Called Movement • Evolna
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John is a highly accomplished sport and health engineer, educator, and businessman, devoted to helping people maximize not only sport specific performance optimization, but also in increasing life-span and longevity through health-oriented movement practices. For John, his principle focus in all of his work is health; how to promote better health in the body, what movement practices allow for health to flourish, and the various perspective shifts we can begin to make as a society to bring ourselves back into alignment with health. He is one of the most intelligent and impassioned people I know, and I am so grateful that he took the time to share his experiences and insight with us in this episode. 

Our conversation lead us into some of the glaring discrepancies between the fitness industry and what being healthy actually looks and feels like, we discussed the relevance of relationship to movement, and how important it is for us to make decisions regarding our movement practice based on what we do or don’t like, and finally, how movement is always valuable for our bodies and our health, no matter how seemingly insignificant or inconsequential we may judge it to be. This was an incredibly profound and important conversation, one that brilliantly illustrated some of the gaps between the health we believe we are achieving in practices promoted by fitness at large and highlighting what true health actually looks like. John’s expertise and advice is always highly relevant, informative, and actionable; and I hope you walk away from this episode as inspired as I was recording it.

To connect further with John and learn more his work, you can check out his Instagram or head over to the website of his company My Take Seven listed below:


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