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351 | Being Excellent In 5 Areas
Episode 35111th October 2021 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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In a short Mommy Minute, Cayla pours some excellence into listeners as she discusses ways to enrich your life through more excellence. What does excellence mean to you? It means something completely different for every person and it could mean something different in the five different “slices” of your life. But the beautiful thing is, you get to design this for yourself. So listen to Cayla’s inspiring episode about getting clear on what excellence is, how your voice can boost or betray you, sharing your story, and taking inspired action towards living with more excellence.

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You will learn:

  • [2:09] - Becoming more excellent enriches your life.
  • [2:39] - Spiritual, career, finances, relationships, and physical are the five “slices” of life.
  • [4:03] - Trust the process and know that everything is working for you in the moment.
  • [4:43] - There is only one you.
  • [6:07] - If you want to grow your business, who can you be? Your voice carries a frequency.
  • [7:46] - Record your voice and the way you talk about your story. What do you sound like?
  • [9:13] - Do throat clearing exercises to work out tension in your voice.
  • [10:00] - Your most powerful asset is your story. It is the key.
  • [14:27] - We sometimes get too much in our heads and don’t share our story.
  • [16:11] - Cayla shares how she knew she had an issue with surrender.
  • [17:12] - Becoming more excellent looks different for everyone but you get to design it.
  • [18:02] - Winners take inspired action. Get clear on what more excellent means to you in the five slices of your life?

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