Stalked Within
6th February 2023 • The New Chitlin Circuit • The New Chitlin Circuit Podcast
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Syd & Lex switch things up, and review a thriller. This week the hosts tune into 'Stalked Within,' starring Meagan Tandy and Wes Brown. Lex considers this movie among the vast landscape of Black, fatal-affair thrillers. Syd simply wants the main character to have some sense.

Movie Info

Stalked Within

Synopsis: A delusional home security operator (Gary, played by Wes Brown) uses his company's residential interior cameras to spy on a single mom (Sarah, played by Meagan Tandy) as his infatuation turns into a deadly obsession.


60sec Summary - 03:30

Message from the Hosts - 05:15

General Thoughts (Spoiler-free) - 05:59

Plot Walkthrough (Spoilers) - 12:03

Awards - 57:50

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