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Road freight rates: Spot & contract rates falling quarter-on-quarter
Episode 811th May 2023 • Ti Talks Supply Chains • Ti Insights
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Spot and contract rates in the road freight market are falling quarter-on-quarter, dropping by 7.5 and 2.8 points respectively.

This episode we discuss the Upply, Ti & IRU European Road Freight Rates Index for Europe.

We also speak to Prof. John Manners Bell about his new book: The Death of Globalization.

Guests include:

Prof. John Manners-Bell, Founder and CEO of the Foundation for Future Supply Chain, Chief Executive of Ti Insight, Honorary Visiting Professor at the London Metropolitan University’s Guildhall Faculty of Business and Law.

Michael Clover, Head of Commercial Development, Ti Insight

Nathanial Donaldson, Economic Analyst, Ti Insight

Thomas Larrieu, Chief Executive Officer, Upply

Marie-Anne Cervoni, Senior Manager – Strategy & Market Intelligence, IRU

Links from the show

Download the report for free: To see the graphs and analysis featured in the podcast, download the Upply, Ti & IRU European Road Freight Rates Index for Europe, for free, here.

Or if you prefer, watch the webinar here.

For further information about John’s new book: The Death of Globalization, visit or

About Ti

Ti is one of the world’s leading providers of expert research and analysis dedicated to the global logistics industry.

About Upply

Start-up launched in 2018, Upply combines business expertise and data science to bring transport and supply chain professionals a digital solution to benchmark, monitor and anticipate freight transport prices, including past data and forecasts.

About the IRU

IRU is the world road transport organisation. We represent the entire industry – bus, coach, truck and taxi, and drive the sustainable mobility of people and goods across the planet. Find out more about IRU’s work and how you can join it in shaping road transport.




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