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42: Casey Ryals on Leading Yourself First
20th November 2020 • Happier At Work® • Aoife O'Brien
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Casey Ryals and Aoife O’Brien speak about his new book Last to Least. Casey shares some wonderful insights about how we can lead ourselves better. Leadership books often cite the importance of leading ourselves before we can lead others, however they don’t address the way to do this. Casey wants to share with the world this new way of thinking and being. He encourages us to make decisions based on our character, or who we are (want to be!) rather than rash decisions and instant gratification. His framework starts by looking at the purpose (why), then the ‘who’ (identitity), before addressing the ‘how’. Casey Ryals, most recently, is the author of the new published book, Last to Least. For the last decade Casey has helped clients THINK about possible future outcomes, DECIDE how to plan, and MAKE the next wise move. For 7 straight years his insurance agency has been #1 in production in the entire company. He also has a paving and grading company, Ryals Brothers, that just became a million dollar business after only 2 years. But most importantly, Casey is a husband to Alli, a dad to 3 daughters, and a servant leader in his community for the next generation. Casey’s links: Website Instagram LinkedIn Personal FB YouTube My social links: