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Cos Mingides on Why B2B Marketing Needs Don Draper Part.2
Episode 218th June 2021 • B2B Marketing Needs Don Draper • True
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Cos Mingides is one of the Co-Founding Partners at True, one half of the creative spark for this podcast series.

True was founded in 2012 to be a different type of B2B agency - to break free from the world of short-term 'performance' and the kind of marketing that swamps the industry without much deeper impact. 

We talk about:

  1. What being 'a bit more Don Draper' means to him and his purpose behind launching this podcast
  2. Why he co-founded True
  3. What B2B advertising is lacking
  4. The 5 principles of growth in B2B marketing and why some marketers don't use it

We hope you enjoy our fascinating conversation with Cos.