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How to Get Control of Your Cravings
Episode 102nd March 2022 • You Are Nourished • Lauren Gayfer
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Cravings can cause us so much stress… Constantly battling the urge to consume chocolate, cake and biscuits, no matter what the time of day. You are not alone in this fight – it’s one of the most common concerns I hear from the women I work with. Cravings can totally consume us, leaving us obsessing about food every moment of the day. Feeling it’s your fault, that you are weak and lack willpower… but it’s not your fault!

There are so many different causes for your cravings, but today I want to talk about the food side of things, and provide you with some simple, food-based changes you can make that will have an instant impact on how you feel. In this episode I share my top 3 tips to help you overcome your cravings and feel more in control of your eating.

“Diet culture is about cutting foods out and minimizing what you eat. And I'm all about adding foods in and maximizing what you eat to enable you to feel full and satisfied.” 

- Lauren Gayfer


In This Episode:

  • Discover my top 3 tips to help you understand and manage your cravings.
  • Find out my favourite breakfast recipes that help me feel full until lunch.
  • Get my advice on how to create a balanced meal or snack that’s not going to spike your blood sugar.
  • Understand why low-calorie and low-fat foods are exacerbating your cravings.
  • Discover the benefits that can be achieved by making simple changes to what you eat.
  • Find out how I’ll be digging deeper into why cravings control us in my Food Freedom Bootcamp starting on Monday 7th March!


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To get help constructing a healthy breakfast, listen to episode 6 of my podcast: How to Construct a Healthy Plate of Food.