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Finding Your Unique Purpose
Episode 4208th August 2022 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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We’ve talked about your unique purpose on this podcast before. It’s important to know your unique purpose, but have you ever thought about it from the biblical point of view? Remember that God has a special plan for you and your ambitions. You are so loved and needed. So in this episode, Cayla reminds you through scripture about your unique purpose.

You will learn:

[2:30] - When Cayla looked at leaving her safe job to leave a better legacy for her family, she was scared.

[3:32] - Get into the posture of surrendering to the Lord.

[5:44] - No other creature God created was given authority.

[8:12] - We are so loved and needed, but we are living in shame.

[9:01] - Knowing your mission changes the way you show up in your business.

[9:37] - Charlotte comes on the show to share her message.

[11:50] - Knowing that we are chosen by God, you need to walk and talk in victory.

[13:31] - God has a special plan for you. Think about the future and your ambitions.

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