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E:53 Ashlee Latimer Interview
Episode 517th May 2021 • Fight Club 4 Business • Tay, Meaghan, Michelle & Martha
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Hello and welcome to The Fight Club 4 Business podcast where everything we talk about is to help you grow and succeed in you business...

Today we will be interviewing Ashlee Latimer wife of Josh Latimer who has Built and sold three businesses and is currently working on another...

She's Funny, Fun, and Quirky and is stepping in from backstage ready to talk about how she does her thing, keeping her family smart, loving and giving them a family culture...

If your ready I know I am let's jump right into today's episode and see what we will be talking about...

-How to market a lifestyle to your kids so they grow up with dignity...

-How to stay connected to your spouse even in the hardest of times...

-And also how to give your kid's quality time and how it will impact their future...

If your ready for mind bomb's and priceless information that may help you have a break through in your business your in the right place welcome to The Fight Club 4 Business podcast...

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Unknown Speaker 0:10

Talking about the things that make your business go,

intro 0:13

marketing, finance systems,

people is the white glove for business by chest

Michelle Myers 0:37

running in love, welcome to fight club.

Meaghan Likes 0:42

Fight Club super excited to be here with all this Tuesday morning, or your new Fight Club. We are a group of self employed. Industry experts and we cover four different areas of business so we thought, marketing, operations, employee management and money. And what we really like to have a conversation with all this morning, to be able to help you. We'd like to find the one area that you want to needle forward in and then give you some homework later on discussion with our guests in our guest today, we are excited to have her on all things, families, entrepreneur lifestyle, and welcome to go round do some introductions. And so, my name is Taylor Moroni i co owner

ashlee 1:34

with my husband. Basically,

everyone a little brief rundown on your family. Right. So I have my husband and I, we have five kids, we was in two different countries we built and sold three companies. We started with a window cleaning and pressure cleaning company. Let me. Automate grow sell a

company or program

Unknown Speaker 2:14

or send him crazy awesome fun things. And we see. I call myself a hidden door because I have been in.

ashlee 2:43

As I

Michelle Myers 2:48

am so grateful to have you here. My name is Michelle Meyers co owner repeat callers who need help with your office, whether it is protecting the chassis that pesky phone we can help you so welcome to fight club Ashley, and your special guest star


Martha Woodward 3:07

I'm Mark and I do a found it's called the ribbon


I have a maid service in the neighboring states,

and I'm

all about helping people happier. And I know they're more financially learning why they do that for a couple things I have an online academy, right, literally, or have like some kind of company where you can outsource all those nasty

Meaghan Likes 3:53

things, California, and

Ashley I love

that. That was perfect.

ashlee 4:08

Absolutely perfect. Right now we're working on an environment just in Texas, the great state of Texas, Michigan, but

we're working

on other fires.

And so I didn't get to say that because she just showed us all entrepreneurs

just replay. So,

Meaghan Likes 4:52

I know I normally talk about marketing, and I think you being an entrepreneur wisely and having that kind of secret entrepreneurial lifestyle and referring to, or really being adaptable.

Unknown Speaker 5:13

I transition to the more business owners I talk to you know my wife jumped on board or, you know, we've got one from the family and all we've been bringing in that normally don't come into the picture but for me it was much as my heart. I mean, figuring out as far as handling being an entrepreneur, Like, you do have a lot of families, which I know Sheldon talked about but really the, the marketing, marketing piece is tough because you're still marketing your family and your family in a way that is so unique,

Unknown Speaker 6:05

but almost like a headwind by race, I

Meaghan Likes 6:09

think they're

Unknown Speaker 6:14

talking about the branding of your home and your family lifestyle,

Unknown Speaker 6:20

not still separate entities but still together. Yeah. It wasn't my favorite but I think it was my favorite I love all the things, but branding and marketing. What happened is when we first started our business. It was, it was a little hot. And my husband started zooming around his business and it certainly worked, and so he was like, You know what this is working in business. Why don't we do this with family. And so we started to create a really interesting family. And we didn't really realize how other people would latch on to it but we have something called a birthright like the Latimer birthright one day my husband came home and was like, you know, we need to know who we are, what we stand for. And so, we have the family birthright of the ladders do hard things, even when it's hard to start. And then we put that fall around someone's house we basically are getting to our kids, what it means to be a ladder. So we have the first right we have proprietary language.

ashlee 7:35


say do hard things and it's not Mount Everest and we have these like reset words and proprietary language that has a weapon and say I wish I would have asked you to because she's three years old and I would have said, hey Judo one Latimer seems to have intelligence, we do. As you do hard things over time. We also have core values and anything that you put in your business, We have. We have our own actually behind our dining room table. Canvas because we want our kids to know who they are, and love it and it's not from my protein shake before on it and I know it's not even just your family that does a lot of rescue parties, they mean I've heard you talk about, you know your children going to school and their friends knowing that they are as a lot further someone who does hard things, and they're not afraid to do any task at hand. And I think that's, again, an amazing tactic and can be really helpful. A lot of families who are entrepreneurs, be able to build that same you know system within their own life that they do at other business so it's for, what would you say is kind of the starting piece to building that brand as a family. That's a great question. My husband is always this guy who is always. He's always thinking about how to make something better and more happy. And it was probably when he was about three years old we started something called Maverick Monday, and that is, you know, during an entrepreneur life, especially with the pressure of your cleaning company. It was like hustle and grind in the summer when you could have summers off. We didn't like it was always go go go go go, and then there would be nothing but he found that he was making a VDI VIP day for Maverick, and you notice how, even our a maverick time with just spending one on one time with Maverick. It created a great piece. And so that's what I'm starting to see what I do, has great. So that's probably my first one, and then we have tempered Tuesdays where Sunday family Friday, but that actual system when that was the first system that I think was like, Oh, we have something here. So then he just built a

Meaghan Likes:

really nice.

Why is it white Wednesday, date night, per day Saturday, mocking from time to time. Oh, absolutely. Trust me, you feel like that was a mess. I don't know. I'm gonna claim that it's his favorite. But yeah, it's marketing in your family is just it.

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