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Trumpet Dynamics - James Newcomb 14th April 2021
We Just Couldn't Let Goldy Go...And Then We Had To
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We Just Couldn't Let Goldy Go...And Then We Had To

When I was a boy, our family had a dog, a loving, not-the-brightest-bulb-on-the-scoreboard golden retriever. We named him "Goldy."

Goldy was a handful for our family. We lived in the suburbs of Minneapolis at the time. We had a big yard, but no fence, so Goldy would often run away and we'd be off chasing him, hoping to God that we'd find him before the Eden Prairie dog catcher found him.

Sadly, the dog catcher found him more often than us, and my poor dad (and we were poor) paid a lot of money to get Goldy out of the pound. Money that probably could have been spent on better things.

But we just didn't have it in us to get rid of Goldy.

Then Goldy got hit by a car. He was crossing Scenic Heights Road, which had a 45 mph speed limit, and the driver just didn't see him. I think it was close to sundown. 

Poor Goldy lost his eye from the ordeal. He used to walk into walls because he didn't have his left eye. But still we couldn't bring ourselves to let him go.

When my sister was born, it was too much to keep Goldy, both financially and with chasing him down Hiawatha Ave. Even the loss of an eye wasn't enough to keep him from running off.

So we gave him to a different family, where I assume he lived out his days happy - and fenced in.

Reason I bring this up is I've had this podcast called Trumpet Dynamics for the last 5 years. I've enjoyed it. I've learned a lot from it. There have been some good times and bad times doing it.

But I just don't have the time or bandwidth to continue doing it. I've got too much going on with my business, my marriage, my child. But I can't just let it go. I think it has too much potential to do good in this world.

Which is why I am opening up the opportunity for someone else to host it. I'll still have proprietary rights to the name, tagline, etc. for the time being but the show will belong to whoever is up for it. Meaning no one will work for me. Maybe that's good, maybe not. I suppose it's good for the right person.

I'm not going to say that podcasting is the best way to build a personal brand, but I will say that I don't know of a better way to do so. It's a great opportunity for a motivated trumpeter to make a name for themselves in this brutal, unforgiving world in which we've been placed.

Plus I'll teach everything I know, and put you in touch with other podcasters via a mastermind, to whoever wants the gig.

To learn more about it, just visit the Committed Media website, and there's a press release located prominently on the home page. It's got all the info you need about it. And if you happen to know someone who might be interested, send them the link, would you?