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003: A Closer Look At How Your Food Choices Impact Your Gut Health w/ Dr. Ilana Gurevich
Episode 325th April 2019 • SIBO SOS® with Shivan Sarna • Shivan Sarna
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When it comes to treating symptoms of SIBO, many doctors will have a three-pronged approach. First, treat aggressively with either herbal or pharmaceutical antibiotics, then direct dietary intervention and motility agents, before filling the GI tract with the healthiest food and supplements to repair the lining. I’m talking with Dr. Ilana Gurevich about her approach to SIBO treatment and what she recommends for her patients.

Dr. Ilana Gurevich is a naturopathic physician and acupuncturist working in Portland, Oregon. She specializes in IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease) and SIBO, along with other gastrointestinal disorders. Dr. Guervich takes a bold approach to treating her patients, often recommending they reintroduce onions and garlic immediately following their cleanse to determine if these will cause the patient to have a reaction.

We’re not only talking about what SIBO is and the methods Dr. Ilana Gurevich applies, we’re also exploring the wonderful world of homemade yogurt… and Dr. Ilana shares her famous homemade yogurt recipe. Trust me, you need this yogurt in your life! You’ll learn what your poop is actually made up of and you might be shocked to find out it’s not always just what you eat. We also look at pesticide use and GMO ingredients and think of ways you can reduce this in your daily life. Plus, we’re talking about treatment options and the possible side effects of SIBO medication.

Do you have SIBO or IBD? Have you ever tried making your own yogurt? How do you combat pesticide use in your daily life?

In This Episode:

  • What medications, prescriptions, and herbal remedies are available to help treat SIBO
  • How you can take SIBO medication as preventative treatment
  • Why you should make homemade yogurt and how you can start
  • What leaky gut is and how you can start healing it
  • Why eating organic food is incredibly important while healing SIBO
  • How you can start making household swaps and homemade products
  • What some of the symptoms of starting SIBO medication are



“You regrow a brand new intestine every three months. Most of your poop is not food: it’s cells from the intestine.” (10:55)

“The health-conscious community has changed the state of our food industry so much that McDonald’s is investing in a clean meat source.” (14:17)

“By the nature of your GI not working optimally, you have a higher likelihood of picking up things because with your motility agent dysfunctional, you don’t have that natural protection.” (22:27)



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