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Ep. 261 - Lindsey’s Skin Journey: Cystic Acne, Chinese Medicine + Emotional Release
Episode 2618th October 2019 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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Today, Lindsey is sharing the journey of frustration and surrender she’s had with her skin. She opens up about cystic acne, hormonal outbreaks, and using birth control. Lindsey explains how changing her relationship with her skin was truly the beginning of the healing process. She also talks about intuitive eating, and how tuning into her body about how food made her feel allowed her to see how it affected her acne. Lindsey also talks about spiritual practices, processing emotions, and gives her product recommendations and skin care routine.


Get your notebook out for the second half of the episode! Lindsey interviews her dear friend and healer, Chloe Bañales of Ascended Alchemy. From Chinese herbs to acupuncture, to light therapy and cupping, Chloe shares how these different healing modalities can help decrease inflammation, improve organ function, and benefit skin health. 


They also talk about:

  • Removing mucus forming foods from diet
  • What L eats & avoids eating
  • Intuitive eating & connecting with your intuition
  • Herbs for liver & skin health
  • Processing & releasing emotions
  • Creating heat in the body with herbs
  • Foods for cooling the body
  • Gua sha technique for skin care
  • Acupressure points to reconnect with your body


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