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Why You Need to Humanize Your Videos with Tim Schmoyer
Episode 4928th April 2021 • The Visual Lounge • TechSmith Corporation
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If you’re spending a lot of time getting caught up in video SEO practices and it’s not working for you, stop and ask yourself: who’s really watching your videos?

While getting your videos found is important, making a human connection so that viewers come back time and time again is a much better long-term approach.

Video Strategist and Founder of, Tim Schmoyer, joins this episode of The Visual Lounge to share why you need to optimize your videos for people, not robots. He also gives his top tips for creating thumbnails, adding storytelling elements to your videos, and shares the lessons he’s learned from over 15 years in the video strategy industry.

Learning points from the episode include:

  • The best way to optimize your video titles and thumbnails
  • What “humanizing your videos” really means
  • The recommended resolution for YouTube thumbnails
  • When to update your old videos
  • Why storytelling is your superpower
  • The current challenge for YouTube video creators
  • 7 questions to help you build storytelling into your videos
  • Why you should incorporate storytelling into all of your online content

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