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Womenpreneur Success - Smita Singh 17th April 2015
Stop waiting, make a decision and move forward with Jim Palmer
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Stop waiting, make a decision and move forward with Jim Palmer



We talk about Jim Palmer’s journey. He went from building a 6 figure offline business to becoming an outstanding online business guru.

Business owners generally start small and use your core skill and competency and use that to build your business. As an entrepreneur you are the sole employee of the business and you are doing everything. As an online entrepreneur it gives time freedom.

As an entrepreneur it is important to be in a mastermind or work with a coach. We are too close to our business and through the masterminds or coaching situation you get a lot of ideas that you can use for your business. You have to act proactively so that you can achieve your goals. An entrepreneur is running day to day but it is important to look at growth opportunities.

Research is very important for growing. Passion is important but you have to make sure that do research before you jump in. Get a google adwords or research on google.

Tips on great newsletters

1. Monthly friendly customer newsletter- will build a strong relationship with your customer and will help you get them to spread the word for you. Customer newsletter also helps in customer newsletter.

2. Use it as a relationship building tool. Informative, fun and interesting newsletters are important.

4-page newsletter printed going to mailboxes. The shorter the better.

We talk about online and printed newsletter. Electronic newsletter cannot be lengthy and also there is the opening inhibitors due to filters etc. Online newsletters are not a substitute for printed newsletters.

What skills should an entrepreneur have?

Be a good marketer – Marketing drives everything. Marketing is important to drive traffic.

Be good at delegation

Be great at Communication

We talk about the importance of Launch and Pre-launch and go into Jim’s pre-launch steps.

Jim’s book Decide: The ultimate success trigger is out already and they have a full launch team that is propelling the success for the book. Jim shares about his journey in his book. What is important aside from education and information is inspiration. It is a book on mindset – imposter syndome, head trash, feeling the need to be perfect before you start. It digs deep into what holds people back. The skill, talent,work ethic is the machine of your business and the mindset is the fuel that drives the machine.

Use Instagram for launch of a book. You can use quotes from books and instagram it.

How important are systems in a business?

The very new entrepreneurs are doing everything and what is the most important for them at that phase is cash flow. If you don’t have sales you don’t have a business. As you gain momentum, you have to get the  systems into place. Before a lot more volume and customers., before the business gets mature, get the systems in place.

The critical steps from idea phase to execution?

Do research, find out where your perfect target customer hangs out. Get our avatar nailed down. The more you know about your target customer, the better you can advertise to them.

How do you find the right mentor?

When you have money on the line, you want some straight answers. If you are going to invest in a mentor, invest in someone who has a track record. Jim gives some tough love.

Be part of a mastermind group that has a leader.

If you could give an entrepreneur one piece of advice about money or funding, what would it be?

You will earn significantly more money for who you are than what you do.


Lightning Round


What trophy would you  want on your mantle?

Encourager, mentor and servant

What is your Guilt pleasure?

His Boat.

What are you most passionate about?

Making a difference and serving others less fortunate.

What is your one productivity hack?

Stop waiting, make a decision and move forward.

What is your personal motto?

Its not about you

What would you do different, if you had a chance?

Get a coach faster.



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