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Adulting with Ebonie - Ebonie Allard EPISODE 12, 8th April 2020
The One About Being An Asian Female Entrepreneur
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The One About Being An Asian Female Entrepreneur

In this episode, we’re diving into entrepreneurship from an Asian female perspective.

As kickass and kind humans, I feel that it’s so important to be open to hearing stories from people with different life experiences, and that’s one of the reasons I was so excited to speak to this week’s guest.

We’re talking about some of the cultural stereotypes vs. the realities of growing up as a woman in a Sikh Punjabi household. We’re also diving into inclusivity in business, in the media and onstage… and what we can all to make sure that everyone is represented.

Listen on for:

  • The impact growing up in a strict family can have on your identity
  • How you can find your confidence through the right relationships
  • Our thoughts on challenging social and cultural norms
  • The importance of a clear yes and a clear no
  • The many faces of manifestation
  • Recognising privileges that you may not even realise you have
  • Our thoughts on inclusion and diversity in the event space
  • The most effective way to have these conversations without naming and shaming

Meet Sharn:

Sharn Khaira is an advocate for Asian female entrepreneurs and has set up the Asian Female Entrepreneurs Collective (AFEC) to help other women be successful in business.

She launched her free Facebook group back in 2017 which has now grown to over 4000 Asian female entrepreneurs!

AFEC provides Asian women the mindset and marketing tools to change their life. She is now on a global mission to empower Asian female entrepreneurs globally.

She serves as a business and mindset mentor for Asian female entrepreneurs and is also an international motivational speaker.

You can find out more about Sharn on:

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