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Level-up Engineering - Coding Sans EPISODE 28, 30th September 2020
Diversity in Recruiting: Road to Inclusion in Tech
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Diversity in Recruiting: Road to Inclusion in Tech

Interview with Ola Sitarska, Engineering Lead at Onfido about addressing diversity and inclusion at the base level: integrating these values into your recruitment process.

Why do you want to put up the effort? How do you balance it with hiring the most competent developers? What goals are realistic? You get these answers and more right here.

In this interview we're covering:

  • The difference between diversity and inclusion
  • How to balance hiring for diversity and competence
  • What makes an inclusive hiring process
  • Obstacles in implementing diversity in recruiting
  • First steps to make your hiring process more diverse
  • How to make your interviews inclusive
  • How to encourage your team to be more inclusive

Excerpt from the interview:

"When you’re running a business, you always want to hire the best candidates. Increasing diversity and inclusion broadens the pool of qualified candidates applying to work at your company.

If the pool is limited, then your ability to hire the best is limited as well. You always want to work towards broadening the pool of exceptional people who may have gone through a non-traditional path in their career.

My story is an example of this..."

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