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A Parent's Responsibility with Jon Vroman
Episode 1214th June 2022 • The Eternal Optimist • Matt Drinkhahn
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Jon Vroman is a husband and father of two amazing boys and a social entrepreneur who helps people live life in the front row. He’s also the founder of Front Row Dads, an international community for dads that focuses on health, relationships, and finances. Jon shares some raw, real moments from being a husband and a father, and he also gives some great advice for anyone want to improve their family life.

Topics Covered

  • Jon shares an intimate (and embarrassing) story where he lost his cool and the lessons he was able to take from it.
  • The importance of doing important things at “practice speed” and not only game speed.
  • Why Jon values community and relationships so much at this stage of his life.
  • How Tony Robbins inspired Jon to change the direction of his life.
  • What Jon thinks is the most important problem for society to solve.

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Resources Mentioned

Front Row Dads

Hal Elrod - Miracle Morning

Family Board Meeting

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