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Unfreezing Trauma - How EMDR Saved a Life - Mary Held
Episode 1671st May 2022 • The Walkshow • Walker Neer
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This week we are exploring the walk of life author of the book Unfreezing Trauma: My Private Journal of EMDR Recovery, Mary Held.  In her mid 30’s Mary started experiencing seizures in her arm. This would be the first of many debilitating symptoms Mary would face over the coming years.  After multiple doctors and incorrect diagnoses, Mary learned of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) treatment and decided to pursue it.  After 16 EMDR  sessions Mary found herself free of the symptoms she had been dealing with for years and a sense of mental freedom.  Mary has since dedicated herself to spreading the word about EMDR therapy in hopes that it can save somebody just like it did for her.

Music by Misha Zarins.

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