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How to Make an 8 Figure Shift in Your Business
Episode 6018th August 2021 • Scale with Psychology • Ani Manian
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Have you had the level of growth you expected in your business in the last 12 months? Do you see a gap between your potential and the level you are currently operating at? Does it feel like you are doing all the right things but not getting the results you expect? 

Here’s the inconvenient truth I want to share with you... you can’t reach a level in your business you’ve never hit before, by doing the same things you’ve always done.

This is the number one reason why entrepreneurs don’t realize their potential and fail to make the impact that they want to make. Because they keep trying to be the person they’ve been before, keep feeling the way they’ve always felt before, and keep trying to do what they’ve done before…

…in order to hit a goal they’ve never hit before! 

Do you want to know what’s REALLY holding you back from the business and life you want?

In this episode I’m going to coach you through the roadblocks that are currently holding you back from growing at the rate you want AND how you can fundamentally upgrade your life and business. 

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How your identity is the context for your life and business and how to change it to create the impact, influence, wealth and life you want
  • How to operate from a $10 million identity -- The only way to scale your business to 8 figures and beyond
  • The one thing most entrepreneurs DON’T do that is necessary to hit their desired goals
  • The difference between a high performance mind and a low performance mind and how you can make this shift to create the exponential growth you’ve been looking for
  • How your relationship with yourself directly affects how much your business can grow
  • The most fundamental principle I could teach you that has completely changed my life and how I run my business
  • The reason why your business feels ‘heavy’ and why all the effort isn’t creating bigger results
  • Why the discovery this Italian dude made growing peas in his garden is the key to exponential growth in your business

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