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Episode 9 - Gordon Cheung
Episode 926th February 2024 • Art Talks • HOFA
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Gordon is a contemporary multi-media artist who's well known for developing an innovative approach to making art which blurs the lines between virtual and actual reality, to reflect on what it means to be human in civilisations with histories written by victors.

Gordon’s works are held in museums across the world including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, D.C, the Whitworth Art Museum in Manchester, Royal College of Art and the British Museum both in London.

We discuss Gordon's London upbringing, influences from his Chinese heritage, the impact of geopolitical events on his work, his innovative approach to making art, and the significance of questioning histories written by victors. He also reflects on the reception of his work in different countries and shares advice for aspiring artists, including the importance of understanding the commercial aspect of the art world.


00:42 Getting to Know Gordon Cheung

00:53 Gordon's Early Life and Influences

03:35 Exploring Gordon's Multicultural Background

05:22 Gordon's Journey into Art

06:00 Understanding the Impact of History and Politics on Gordon's Work

12:34 Gordon's Creative Process and Artistic Style

17:04 Symbolism in Gordon's Art

18:47 Gordon's Reflection on Capitalism and Society

24:12 The Influence of Historical Events on Gordon's Work

27:08 The Impact of Academic Training on Artistic Practice

27:50 The Role of Art School in Shaping an Artist

28:19 The Art of Empathy: Understanding Other Artists' Work

30:36 The Influence of Literature on Artistic Creativity

32:47 The Global Reception of Art

34:29 The Artist's Journey: From Struggle to Success

42:00 The Power of Questioning Histories in Art

43:03 Advice for Aspiring Artists: Protecting Your Inner Art World

45:39 The Reality of Being an Artist in a Capitalist Society

47:07 The Changing Landscape of Art: From Traditional Gatekeepers to Self-Representation

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