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#71: Marketing Your Book as a New Author
Episode 7112th October 2021 • The Book Marketing Action Podcast • Weaving Influence
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Today's episode focuses on a new author’s perspective of the book marketing process. According to Wendy Ryan — Author of Learn Lead Lift and CEO of Kadabra — it is a process that extends far beyond the book launch. She shares her experience as a new author and the lessons she learned while crafting and marketing her book, as well as how important it is for authors to be patient with themselves throughout each step of the journey. During the episode, Wendy shares:

  • Her journey, her work in the world, and how she came to write her book, Learn Lead Lift.
  • What she has noticed about the book marketing process as a first-time author.
  • How she has been marketing her book since its publication, and what she envisions as she considers her future.
  • The marketing strategies that have been most impactful for her in terms of driving the results she’s most interested in.
  • The details of her virtual launch party and what made it a success.
  • The strategies that have worked best for her in expanding her audience.
  • Some of the challenges she has experienced as a new author that she didn’t expect.
  • Some of the things she wishes she had known before she began her journey as an author. 
  • Why patience and impatience lists are so helpful, and what kind of items might be found on each list.
  • Some final thoughts about book marketing and the most important lessons she has learned throughout the process. 

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