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Equipping Your Student with Emotional Resilience
Episode 631st August 2022 • The Inside Scoop • Cobb County School District
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Guest: Dr. Melisa Marsh, Supervisor of School Counseling, Advisement and Crisis Response

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  • [01:34] How big of an issue is suicide?
  • [02:13] Could talking about it tempt someone to self harm?
  • [03:26] The Common Thread
  • [04:11] Difference of Perspectives
  • [06:14] Coping Skills
  • [08:01] Distinguishing Between Down Days and Despair
  • [09:55] Cobb Teachers' Training
  • [11:04] Parents' Response
  • [12:48] The Emotional Toll of Isolation
  • [15:46] If Things Don't Get Better
  • [16:37] Resources for Help

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