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Successful, Intuitive and Sensitive Entrepreneurs - Lydia Sophia Wilmsen EPISODE 18, 9th June 2020
How to deal with the objection "I can't afford it" - Part 3
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How to deal with the objection "I can't afford it" - Part 3

Today's podcast episode is part 3 of the series on the very common objection "I can't afford it". In the first two episodes I spoke about the internal shifts that have to happen for you in order to not experience this objection anymore. And in this episode I want to give you more input on how to actually navigate the sales conversation if someone brings up this specific objection.

This is where people usually stop and think the conversation is over. However, it is not the end, it's the beginning! Because now you can work out what is behind this objection. Is it an actual no? Or is it limiting fears and stories of your potential client? It is your job to powerfully coach them through this!

Make sure to listen to all three episodes, as each one addresses another way of looking at this specific objection and giving you ways to change and diminish this objection showing up in your life.

Tune in and enjoy the episode! Much love!




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