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Rewire Your Mind for Success: LaTisha Styles' Tips for Entrepreneurs
30th August 2022 • LaQuita’s Toolbox • LaQuita Monley
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In this episode,  I had a great conversation with LaTisha Styles about the importance of identifying subconscious blocks and tools we can use to overcome them.

Subconscious Blocks hinder our ability to be productive in life and in business, some of these blacks have been with us so long we chalk them up to simply being a part of who we are.

In our conversation LaTisha states, "I could give someone the tools and the systems and the how to sometimes there was always this  little thing here or there that prevented them from taking action and getting success with it.

So then the question became, not only what causes someone to buy, but what causes someone to just take action and help them to get the results.

And that led me into where I am now, which is helping business, owners entrepreneurs and any individual who realizes that they have more potential, help them to shift subconscious blocks so that they can create massive profit and assume the throne, in their in their life and in their business.

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