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Prayer 2021 - September 30 - Prayer That Changes Things pt 2
Episode 27130th September 2021 • Prayer 2021 • Pastor Robert Thibodeau
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Scripture For Today:

 Nehemiah 1:4

“When I heard these things, I sat down and wept. For some days I mourned and fasted and prayed before the God of heaven.”

Prayer That Changes Things pt 2

Yesterday we started to look at how “Prayer Changes Things.” We learned that Faith is what makes prayer work and not the other way around. Long, tedious, emotional prayers do nothing to impress God. Amen! God is moved only by FAITH.  And Faith in His Word. That’s it.

He’s not moved by your needs. He’s not moved by your circumstances. He is only moved by your FAITH IN HIS WORD. So get over yourself and your long, drawn out prayers!

Now, as I said, Faith makes prayer work!  Prayer DOES NOT make Faith work!  Let me say that again one more time so you can understand it….Faith makes prayer work – prayer does not make Faith work.  You can use your faith without being in a state of prayer…but you cannot pray without using your faith..  Prayer that changes THINGS – these kinds of prayers bring circumstances in line with the Word of God….

Look at your salvation as an example…you just did not wake up one day and begin to cry out to God… “God, I am going to hell…I need you to save me…save me now!”  Then someone comes along and says, “ask Jesus to save you and come into your heart.”  And you say, “I can’t…I am a sinner…I need God to save me so I can ask Jesus to come into my heart…but I can’t do that until God saves me…. OH GOD HELP ME!”

No, that is totally backwards…yes you are a sinner…yes you need saving…but God has already sent Jesus to save you…and He did…He did all that needed to be done…all you have to do is receive it….amen!  All you had to do was activate your Faith that what God’s Word says is true…ask Jesus to save you according to the Word of God…and believe He did!  That is putting your faith in action according to the Word of God and believing it worked…

The same kind of faith works concerning healing, finances, whatever…it works the same exact way. Jesus bought your salvation…the same cross, the same body, the same blood, the same sacrifice also bought your healing. It also bought your financial deliverance, and everything else you need….but you need to access it using the same faith...and when you pray that way…you are into a prayer that changes things!  Amen…then you go over into a prayer of thanksgiving and praise….Glory to God!

Matthew 18:18

The prayer of Binding and Loosing…we studied this last time a little bit…Jesus has taken all of satan’s authority and power…now the only power that sucker has is what men give to him…Jesus took it all…He said “All power and authority, in Heaven and in earth, has been given to me…now YOU go…”  He is telling us to go in His power and His Authority…amen!

It is our responsibility to bind the devil wherever we find him trying to operate…anywhere on the earth…you see a news story come on tv… can and should be praying against the situation and binding the devil at work in that area of the world…when believers come together and start doing that…you will see dramatic things happen and nobody will understand why…except believers!  Amen..  

Ok, I’m getting ready to go over time again today, so we will leave it right there. Praise God! I get excited when I’m sharing these insights into the Word of God and the Kingdom of God and the Power that belongs to us through Christ Jesus. I can’t help but get excited, amen!

If you’re not getting excited, you need to check your Faith, brother or sister! Your woods wet! Amen! You should be shouting right now! Praise God!

Ok, Let’s pray!

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