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The Membership Guys Podcast with Mike Morrison - The Membership Guys EPISODE 267, 18th August 2020
267 - 6 Situations Where The Closed Door Membership Model Makes Sense
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267 - 6 Situations Where The Closed Door Membership Model Makes Sense

Despite my protests over the years, I’m ready to admit that there are a few instances where it is a good idea to use a closed door membership model.

Some of them are very niche, some of them require a few “ifs” and asterisks, but they are entirely valid and are all better suited to a closed door model.

This episode is well worth checking out if you’re just starting out or if you’re trying new things with your membership. It could make a foundational difference to the way you run your membership!

Essential Learning Points:

  • What the difference is between closed door and evergreen membership models
  • The six situations that suit a closed door membership model best
  • The one universal truth that applies to every membership model

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Key Quotes:

 “If your model uses cohorts – a set intake of students and schedule – then the closed door model is essential.”

 “If you’ve been running your membership for a year or two and you know that there is a clearly-defined off-season period – where demand subsides and sales drop – then you might be better served by taking sales and marketing out of the equation for that period.”

“Whether you choose an evergreen model or the closed door approach, keep in mind that you still need to show up for your existing members.”

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