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47: Drone Strikes and Cyber Heists
Episode 4712th November 2021 • Cyber Humanity • Immersive Labs
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NPM packages are getting hacked – so naturally we get Kev on the case to explain the whole thing. If you didn’t know, NPM is the official package manager for Node libraries, a JavaScript language. We’ve seen a big uptake in recent weeks, and some of those NPM packages have been compromised by hackers. They’re clearly targeting developers – and with a collective 28 million downloads every week, this is pretty big, wide-spread stuff.

Next up, the raft of ransomware stories from this week: from the UK’s Labour Party to a…“cyber heist”? 

We’ve also noticed a bit of a theme emerging with an increase in government and law enforcement involvement in disrupting ransomware and other cyber criminal enterprises. BlackMatter is our example here.