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Corporate Security Magic - Creating a Culture of Excellence | Carlos Francisco
Episode 1628th April 2021 • The Circuit Magazine Podcast • BBA Corporate Ltd
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This week Carlos Francisco, CPP joins us to talk about his framework for corporate security excellence. Carlos has a distinctive corporate security background and gives us a unique take on why protectors need to view their role as one of customer service where client satisfaction matters. He has spent years helping people transition from law enforcement, military, and federal jobs into the corporate security world and calls himself a translator of corporate security. And he simply oozes with enthusiasm for the subject!

After his spending his career at Walt Disney, Carlos developed a framework for bringing a sense of leadership and service to corporate security success… and trust us when we tell you it's MAGIC!

Join us for this powerful conversation as we chat about:


  • The MAGIC framework- what it is and how it was developed?
  • How can the MAGIC formula help to create true leaders who have both hard and soft skills?
  • How easy is it to transition from a military, law enforcement, or federal career into the world of corporate security?
  • How the machismo style of security culture affects leadership and soft skills in corporate security? And how can we make our industry better and bring the more human side to security?


Tune in to this powerful conversation where Carlos brings the human element to leadership by reminding us that:


“95% of the time we're customer service folks with a badge. That's all we are...

If the vice-president of Walt Disney can pick up trash from the floor, why can’t you?”

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More about Carlos Francisco:

Carlos Francisco, CPP is a trilingual, self-motivated, dedicated leader with over 23 years of progressive leadership in large scale corporate security management, emergency management, critical infrastructure, law enforcement, loss prevention, safety, sports venues and major global events. He has helped numerous people transition from law enforcement, military, and federal jobs into the corporate security world and has led the security teams of some of the largest corporations in the world, including Walt Disney World Resort, Amazon, and Facebook, as well as teams at major international events such as Super Bowl 50, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, and World-Class Marathons.


After spending over two decades leading exceptional teams in the corporate security world, Carlos Francisco now shares his expertise with security professionals and corporate leaders alike, on his podcast show The Corporate Security Translator.

Carlos Francisco

The Corporate Security Translator

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