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Making Your Favorite Drake and Angel Olsen Records with Professor John Freyermuth
Episode 724th February 2023 • Challenge. Change. • Clark University
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Music Professor John Freyermuth has a hectic schedule, split between recording studios and classrooms. As a music engineer, Freyermuth takes recorded songs and ensures each disparate element sounds like a cohesive piece. He’s also worked in songwriting and music production. Freyermuth has collaborated with a range of talent, from Drake to Angel Olsen, and from Methyl Ethel to the emerging artists in his classrooms.

This week, Freyermuth talks to us about his love of records, from electronic avant-garde compositions to the new tracks released each Friday on Spotify and Apple Music. Current trends are a central part of his Clark courses. “I love talking about making records. Talking about that and then going home to put those skills to practice allows me to speak in front of a class very confidently,” says Freyermuth, who often tells his students, “I'm going to go home and I'm going to do exactly what I just showed you to make some of your favorite records.”

This episode contains short clips of Beyonce, the Pixies, and current student, Luca Houtsmuller '25.

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