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036 with Larry Gast - Be Easy To Talk With
Episode 368th June 2021 • Veteran Wealth Secrets • Scott R. Tucker
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"Be easy to talk with, stay calm, pay attention to details, be firm but polite, have a plan, and be good at networking!"- Larry Gast, a 85’ USAF Academy grad with an MBA, student/athlete, AF veteran 85-90, entrepreneur and investor for 35+ years, father, outgoing, and loves to bring people together for social/business purposes. 

Episode Highlights:

  • 02:34- Larry's incredible military life journey
  • 05:55- What happened to Larry after the transition?
  • 09:38- The precursor of going off and starting a venture
  • 10:41- The key to a successful business 
  • 12:30- The best business pieces of advice of Larry
  • 15:17- The strengths and weaknesses of veterans 
  • 18:25- Larry's ventures
  • 25:30- The key takeaways from Larry 
  • 28:38- Where to find Larry 

Key Points:

  1. The key to a successful business is, be genuine, ask the right questions, pay attention to details, and follow up with people. 
  2. Know your products and services, as well as your strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Make sure you are talking to the right people. Make sure you deal only with the decision-makers.


  • “Go and get at your people skills and sales skills because if you're not good with either of those,  you won't be in business for very long. ”- Larry Gast 
  • “You can't predict the weather, and you can't predict what will happen in your business all the time. Also, you can't predict what people are going to do. So, be polite and firm with people, try to be helpful, honest, and not over-promising more than you deliver.”-Lary Gast 
  • “Veterans have a lot of good things. We are tough, quick learners, goal-oriented, but sometimes we don't have the best people skills, we won't listen as well as we should, and sometimes we don't ask for help when we should.”- Larry Gast
  • “Everything starts with knowing what you have to offer. Make sure you are talking to the right people. Make sure you deal only with the decision-makers.“-Larry Gast 
  • “We are real people, in business we make mistakes, it's a journey,  but never make the same mistake again. “- Larry Gast 

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