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The Church Series Season 2: Part 19: Interview w/Jim Fitzgerald
23rd April 2022 • Bible Theory Podcast • The Chicano Knox
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Welcome to Bibletheory Podcast, where we take a deep dive into the life and doctrine of the church from every side possible. Today, we get an update about the church in Egypt. I talk with PCA Evangelist Jim Fitzgerald who has many years of experience with the church in Egypt, where he is currently a full-time evangelist and builder of the local church through EPI (Equipping Pastors International) a reformed ministry that teaches pastors/leaders to do the work of the ministry – i.e. The Great Commission. I talk with Jim about some of his challenges with the churches in Egypt, for example, How does the local church conduct the order of worship? What about the government and radical Islamists? We talk about how important Egypt was throughout redemptive history in general and more. You don’t want to miss what God is doing in Egypt. 

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