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The Wacky World of Diabetes - David Kliff EPISODE 3, 2nd February 2021
Survivable to Thrivable with David Edelman
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Survivable to Thrivable with David Edelman

The companies that are tied around the voice of the patients are the ones that win. This is the belief of our very first interviewee, Davide Edelman. David is the Founder and CEO of Thrivable. He is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, advocate, and generally loves all things ‘learning.’ If you don’t know, Thrivable is a startup that helps health care companies get the voice of their patients into all their decision making. Through his work, he connects people to the community, partnership, and education as well as patients to organizations.

With all the incredible things David does for the diabetes community, I’m excited to dive in and talk about how David took companies from surviving on basic research to Thrivable.

[00:01 - 02:10] Opening Segment

  • I introduce David Edelman to the show
  • CEO of Thrivable 
  • David gives a bit of background on himself
  • Family background
  • Self-proclaimed Lifelong Geek - involved in tech
  • Introduced to the world of diabetes already as an entrepreneur
  • Not much out there as far as information
  • Created Diabetes Daily 
  • A community of support

[02:11 - 07:50] The Changes in the Diabetes Industry

  • David talks through the changes he’s seen in the industry within 16 years
  • The rise of social media and information consumption
  • The rise of consumer electronics
  • Designing the customer experience
  • A change in the dialogue 
  • Pulling out to a ‘Beginner Perspective’
  • Dealing with the burnout and anxiety
  • More interest and engagement than ever 

[07:51 - 17:57] Creating a Thrivable Company 

  • David shares his story creating Thrivable 
  • Working with advertisers 
  • A need for patients to have their voices heard
  • The building process and model
  • Responsiveness to the market 
  • We have to be more responsive
  • The more patient-centric companies win
  • The legacy of healthcare in this space
  • Top complaints from patients
  • The complaints around certain drugs 
  • Many complaints around access to health care 
  • How patients are feeling today
  • A cause for optimism 
  • The rise of tech and accessibility 
  • Transformative technology 
  • David shares about his experience during Covid
  • Tools from the doctor to monitor Health 
  • We can be our own doctors at home 

[17:58 - 21:59] Creating a Thrivable Community

  • David shares about decisions around customer requests and needs
  • Examples 
  • David talks about the projection of his company
  • The ‘why’ trail
  • Co-creation 
  • Creating Communities that lead to progress

[22:00 - 26:26] Closing Segment

  • Your perfect 5-year scenario?
  • 5-year change vs. 25-year change
  • Faith in the engineering side 
  • How to reach out to David
  • Links below
  • Thank you and please share this 
  • Final Words 

Tweetable Quotes:

“We’ve been helping these companies get a ‘real-time patient voice,’ into their organization… What do patients actually think about these decisions we have to make?” - David Edelman

“The companies that are more tied around the patient’s needs are the ones that are winning.” - David Edelman

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with David on LinkedIn and Twitter, or david@thrivable.app. Be sure to visit https://thrivable.app/ to learn more about becoming part of this community. 

To know more, you can connect with me, David Kliff on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or email me at dkliff@diabeticinvestor.com. Be sure to visit https://diabeticinvestor.com for more insights and real-time analyses on the evolving business of diabetes.

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