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105: Cameron Herold | Committing and Holding Yourself Accountable to Your Daily Actions & Results
Episode 10524th May 2021 • The Success Finder Podcast • Brandon Straza
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Cameron Herold is a top business consultant, best-selling author, and speaker. He’s the mastermind behind hundreds of companies’ exponential growth and he’s touched thousands of businesses indirectly through his work. 

In this episode, Cameron explains that It’s not about being the smartest person in the classroom, it’s the people that you surround yourself with that become your most powerful tool. He lets us know that it’s less about who you want to learn from and more about what you want to learn in order to reverse engineer your WHO. And Cameron lets you know about an app called CommitTo3, that will hold you accountable to your daily actions & results. Check it out!

[00:01 – 02:47] Opening Segment

  • I introduce our guest, Cameron Herold
  • I briefly talk about the great values that await you in this episode
  • Connect with our guest. See links below.

[02:48 – 16:41] Cameron’s learning journey and Masterminds

  • How Cameron’s learning changed from his early years vs today
  • The multiplier of investing in masterminds and relationships
  • Reverse engineering his learning
  • Utilizing the power of masterminds

[16:42 – 25:17] Self-Education and Cameron’s reality

  • The parallels of self-education and standard education moving forward
  • Majority of the traditional education model won’t be necessary in the future
  • What to expect when you become part of the COO Alliance
  • A Success Story from Cameron’s Mastermind

[25:18 – 33:49] Creating Success

  • What success means to Cameron
  • Exciting things in store for Cameron
  • Actionable Items/Tips from Cameron
  • Final Thoughts

Tweetable Quotes:

“You don’t have to be the smartest kid in the room. You don't need to know the information, you just need to know where to find it and know who knows it.” - Cameron Herold

“Most people miss the obvious because they’re looking for something else.” - Cameron Herold

“The simplest things in life are the things we either don’t do, or the things we don’t see right in front of us.” - Brandon Straza

“Invest in yourself, because it comes back tenfold.” - Brandon Straza

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Cameron, visit and 

Check out his books at 

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